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  • On 26th February 2015

Making a custom seat is a reality all bobber or café racer builders will have to face eventually.   The original HONDA CB550 seats are durable, good-looking and very comfortable.  But, a dual seat goes against the bobber principle and so it must go.  In addition, a new seat utilizing an aluminum seat pan, superlight ½” foam and marine-quality vinyl will help shed 7-8 lbs. of weight off the bike.  That alone is an excellent reason for going the custom-seat route.

There is a huge variety of solo seats out there in all imaginable shapes and choice of materials.  From the simplest to the most ornate.  It should not be that difficult to find one that would suit your style and that could be fitted with only minor modifications.  This approach is very tempting as it offers an easy way to put the seat issue to bed; especially when pondering the alternative of making a seat from scratch: the materials that need to be procured, the specific tools needed, the special skills required, etc.

If a perfect harmony between the tank and seat in both their shapes and looks is the objective, then a custom seat becomes a necessity.  Before setting out to find somebody who could make you a custom seat, consider the possibility of making your own.  It’s not that difficult.  And it is very rewarding.

Click HOW TO MAKE A CUSTOM SEAT to see a step by step procedure.