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  • On 2nd March 2015

The HONDA CB500 and CB550 Service Manual (and all other popular manuals like CLYMER for example, who have simply copied the HONDA Manual text word for word) gives only the briefest of instructions on how to completely disassemble the rear hub in order to replace the ball bearings.

The instructions pretty much say, “Remove the bearing retainer and drive out the bearing” giving the impression that there is a single ball bearing in the hub.  In fact, there are two of them (as should be expected).  And while those brief instructions may be all a trained mechanic needs, mere mortals like us could benefit from a few more details.

Last time I looked, youtube did not have a video of this particular procedure and most of the information on the discussion forums (SOHC/4, for example), although helpful, is not sufficiently detailed to give you the confidence to proceed with the job.

Click BEARINGS REMOVAL to see a detailed description.

NOTE: Once you have removed the old bearings, installing new ones should be a piece of cake.  Do not forget to heat the hub to 200 – 250 degrees F and put the new ball bearings in the freezer prior to installing them.  It will make your life so much easier.