Exhaust clamps.  Those seemingly easily “customizable” components, which nobody ever customizes.  Why? Is it because the original HONDA exhaust clamps are so good that no improvement is possible or desirable? Virtually all of the hundreds of custom HONDA CB550 I have looked at, in which the builders have retained the originals, seem to imply that such may be the case.  Everybody seems content with the original exhaust clamps and, of course, there is nothing wrong with that.  They are literally indestructible and do their job of keeping the headers in place and dissipating heat perfectly.

But, they rust and they are heavy.

Original rusty exhaust clamps


I started looking for whatever else might be available.  Chromed replicas of the originals?  No, thanks.   Fin-less solid aluminum substitutes?  I don’t think so.  Heat dissipation will certainly be diminished due to their much smaller surface area. What else is there?

I kept looking.  The more I looked the more I realized it may not have been such a hot idea to begin with. There just aren’t that many custom exhaust flanges/clamps that are drilled at 54 mm COC, which is what the CB550 engine needs.  Little wonder nobody has actually used any other solutions.  I was beginning to give up the idea and pondered getting the originals anodized or perhaps painted with flame resistant enamel.

And then, a few weeks or months later, while I was actually looking for something completely different, I saw there in the corner of my eye something Italian-sounding.  CAPPELINNI Art 47.  Elegant. Curvy.  Italian. I couldn’t resist.

Cappellini exhaust clamps installed


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