BLACKSQUARE is a unique custom motorcycle based on a HONDA CB550.  It was built with the objective to simplify form and function by preserving only what is essential.  Everything that is not needed for the machine to run has been eliminated.  A headlight, taillights and a license plate holder, although not essential, are present and functional since they are required by law.  The motorcycle is street legal.

The purpose of this website is to share all lessons learned and all mistakes made with fellow custom motorcycle aficionados in the hope that it may help.  See THE BUILD page. For those who just want to look at the bike, there is the GALLERY.

This project was inspired by the works of many talented custom motorcycle builders.  It would have been impossible to complete it without the help of many friends, mechanics, machinists, welders, painters and other craftsmen.   All are credited in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS page.