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  • On 12th April 2015

A custom motorcycle is a work in progress. It really never ends. Just when you think it’s all done, something else catches your eye and you go, “How about making that a custom part?” The chain adjuster screw was one of those parts in my case. Once the decision is made, another question comes up. Do I make my own or should I just buy one? A number of such “custom” chain adjuster screws are readily available.

Joker Machine makes them and you can buy them at They are size M8 x 1.25 (8 mm in diameter, thread pitch 1.25) and will fit a number of different motorcycles that use M8 chain adjuster screws. However, they will not fit the 1977 HONDA CB550F, which uses size M7 x 1.0. I have not been able to find any M7 x 1.0 ready-to-install “custom” chain adjuster thumb screws.

For this project, I wanted to have my own design anyway so I just sketched a rough drawing

Chain Adjuster Bolt Drawing

and sent it to Tom Giovine of GIOVINE MACHINE WORKS AND CYCLE who machined the parts.

Here is what it looked like:

Chain Adjuster Bolt Photo

Adjusting the bike’s chain is not something that is done too frequently. So, form a utility point of view making a custom chain adjuster can hardly be justified. But it looks so much better.

Chain Adjuster mounted on bike