My hat goes off to the following artists, craftsmen and master mechanics whose passion, talents and style inspired me to undertake this project.

The Gravel Crew whose extraordinary ingenuity, sense of proportion and balance, and meticulous execution have produced some of the most elegant custom motorcycles.  Astonishing!  Their work can be seen at

Ian Barry of Falcon Motorcycles who has taken the pursuit for the perfect motorcycle to a whole new unimaginable-before level and has hand-crafted indescribably beautiful machines, which must be seen to be appreciated. Bravo!

Raccia Motorcycles: a magnificent effort by Mike LaFountain at creating one-of-a-kind custom motorcycles in the unique approach of mixing and matching seemingly incompatible parts; the end result is… yes, a perfect harmony.

Pipeburn Moto Goodness: an incredible collection of custom bikes where any aspiring bike builder is sure to find something that will appeal to their own personality.  The Library of Congress for custom bikes.


P.S. It wasn’t until after BLACKSQUARE was built that I came across the work of Dustin Kott of Kott Motorcycles when I listened to his insightful interview on WIND-BLOWN ( in which he was described by Drew Ayrit as the “HONDA CB guru”: a description that, now after I have seen his work, is quite fitting.  Although it is my own misfortune that I never got exposed to Dustin Kott’s work while I was building BLACKSQUARE, I include him here in the INSPIRATIONS column in the hope that all who are interested in the HONDA CB bikes of the 19070’s can take a look at his work at Dustin’s website It is highly stylish, perfect down to the last detail and in a word: superb.


I am deeply indebted to all who helped me with this project and without whose patience, knowledge and skills this motorcycle could have never existed.

Josephine Dambuleff – my wife, who has always encouraged me in my endeavors no matter how seemingly ridiculous or imprudent.

Laura, Andrei and Josh Dambuleff – my children, who generously allowed me to spend all those hours in the workshop.

Yanko Damboulev – my brother, who made this project possible and whose unique appreciation for the artistic led to the bike’s name: BLACKSQUARE.

Kristian Damboulev – my enthusiastic nephew who helped me build this website.

Richard (The Mechanic) Lamitie – a long time friend and mentor in all things mechanical who helped me rebuild the engine and taught me how things work.

Greg Napolitan – a cherished friend, neighbor and artist who did all the welding and helped me with drilling, grinding and cutting.

Thomas Giovine of GIOVINE MACHINE WORKS AND CYCLE – who machined the majority of the custom components using my crude drawings and at whose genius I marveled every time a new part arrived in the mail.  Check him out at

Ulf Pichl of Swedish Stainless – a good friend and a mechanical genius who build the header pipes.

Benjie Flipprboi of Benji’s Cafe Racers – who built the gas tank and whose friendly personality and helpful advice are much appreciated. Their work is simply fantastic.  Take a look at what they have to offer at

Tricked Out Custom Cycles – Steve and his friendly crew who did all the powder-coating and painting. Superb charfstmanship. Check them out at